Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Reason Why People Take Being A Parent for Granted.....WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL?????

Ok...first off let me state that I am sorry about not posting for awhile.  My life had been consumed by an organism called College lol.  Now that I've graduated the post will continue at a consistent pace.  Just bear with me.  I'm going to try and make some modifications to the blog...once again....bear with me.  

Ok now that that's over with...it's time to discuss the topic at hand.  This is going to address something that I've observed quite a bit in society.  Ungrateful ass parents. People that take out the frustrations they have with each other out on their children.


The picture above depicts the complete and utter disregard for life.  This woman not only endangered her children's health but humiliated them in front of numerous people because she didn't get EXTRA money.  By far this has to be one of the most ignorant things that I have heard.  There are people in the world that can't have kids and wish that they could experience the joy that you were blessed with.  Yet you feel the need to belittle your children over an issue that you have with their father.  If anything, it just shows how immature you are as an adult.  It's amazing what people do for money.  

This subject actually opens up another can of worms.  It seems that today's society will do anything as long as you can get a check.  That includes exploiting your children, family, and everything that you stand for.  People have to get a better grasps on themselves and understand that MONEY isn't EVERYTHING contrary to popular belief.  And QUICK money is NEVER good.  Yes money is a VERY important factor in making the world go around, but when you're all alone what good is it.  So when you find yourself about to do something incredibly stupid and degrading to all of those around you ask yourself....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL????????  

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