Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just an Update...

So I know I haven't posted anything in a while...just bear with me lol. I'm looking for some let me stop. I've just been a little busy with the process of a school starting and it being my last semester and all (YYYYYAAAAYYYYY). But don't worry, I have plenty more things to discuss and question. So in the mean time, if you like what you see TELL SOMEONE. And until the next post, make sure you don't do anything that will make me say for WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL?????

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buy Books for Class and Not Using Them....What Are You Thinking For Real?????

It's almost that time of year again....well actually for me the year never ends....but what ever. Its the time when parents jump for joy, grade school children groan, college freshman are excited, and college students like me are indifferent (because there is NO END until graduation). Anyways getting back to the subject, the beginning of a new semester=New Classes+New Teachers+New Books. Now all of these are pain in the asses, but one can be an avoided pain in the ass.

Now see she has the right idea. Get some paper, a pen, and have your phone nearby just in case you get bored. Too many times in my college career have I wasted money on a book, that wasn't cheap by the way, that I never used. Then most of them you can't sell back or it's highway robbery to sell back. Now I know that the professors usually have to pick a book, but can you do me a favor send me an email telling me we're not going to use the book. I mean I could've saved that $50-$200 that I spent on the book. Seriously, we're already spending thousands of dollars a semester, you can at least look out for us a little bit. You were there at one point....le sigh. Oh and let's not get the jack-a that wrote the book so they want to spend the full price brand new for the book and require remedial things that you could only do if you have the book, ex. label the diagram from the workbook. Then the assignment is actually worth like 10% of your grade. But do you have to read the book; NO...the jack-a's have powerpoints that teach you the lesson. Again thank you for letting me waste my money.

Then we have the infamous we don't know what to study so I guess I should try and read the entire book the night before like the girl above. Then comes test day and the entire test was from the lecture. AGAIN, can you let me know so I could save some money and its a recession too....shooo. I took a stand this summer semester and didn't buy one book...heck we weren't using them anyway. So the next time you buy a book and go the entire semester without cracking it open; on the comment section of your student evaluation write....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Abomination that is the BET Awards...MJ Tribute....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL???????

So like I'm really not even going to dwell on how horribly put together the show was. I mean it really looked like they just eff the rehearsals lets just do the show. And how are these people entertainers, but yet they look like the person that's scared to get in the front of the class to present. Again we're not going to dwell on that because we all knew the show was going to be horrible, but we thought that there was inkling of hope because the "MJ Tribute" and I use the term "tribute" extremely loosely.

BET used the King of Pop's death as a shameless plug to get ratings.

I was having some issues with YouTube but now that that's over with...*sidenote if anyone would like to help me out with the formatting part of my blog it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED*.*Back to Scheduled Programming*As I was saying, We ALL know that Ciara can't sing, hell SHE knows that she can't sing. So why put on stage to SING a tribute to Michael and NOT Dance. I'm so confused right now. Examining the entire tribute there wasn't any dancing. HOW IN THE HELL are you going to do a tribute to a man that not only revolutionized singing but DANCING, and we don't have the dancer do a dance tribute. Oh but look who does do a dance tribute....

I like Jamie and all but What the Hell??? I mean HE DID WAY BETTER THAN ME LOL....but really, he's the only one to attempt a dance tribute to Michael Jackson. This is some pure BULL. Michael does NOT approve. They focused so much on trying to upstage the other networks by doing the tribute first that they compromised quality. It just goes to show why no one really has any respect for BET as a network. I mean how to you publicize that there is going to be major Tribute but you leave out a key factor of the man's career. Oh and let's talk about how tasteless we were at the end to post a picture of Janet and Michael on the screen behind her as you have her make a statement....

How tasteless was that...I digress. All I have say is when you publicize something and leave out a key factor ask yourself this question...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????

Friday, June 26, 2009


It truly saddens me today to write this post. The world has lost THE BEST ENTERTAINER to EVER grace this earth. I mean....and I believe that I can say this....but there is NO ONE that didn't love Michael at one point in their life. It all came as such a shock. I mean I never got the experience like my parents did to see him in concert but I mean those are truly memorable moments. Do you realize how many stars would NEVER have even existed if it weren't Michael Jackson...hell his own sister wouldn't be in the industry if it weren't for him?

I remember watching this concert on VH1 (I hope they play it again) and HBO. I mean I was amazed by looking at it on T.V.. He just was great. There's no other way to explain it. He was the ultimate entertainer. Who can you listen to now that you can listen with not only your mother and father but your grandparents too? I mean thats longevity.

The thing that ticks me off about this whole thing is that the media feels the need to remind us of all of the negative that MJ has been through. We know about the allegations, the suspected drug use, etc. seriously STOP. The man is dead and WHY WON'T JUST LET HIM BE GREAT?????? He was extremely talented and NOTHING can dispute that. Stop bashing someone who just lost their life. Not only was an extremely talented Artist, but he was also someone's Father, Brother, and Friend. So the next time you hear *I wanna Love You (PYT)....*All I wanna Say is that They Don't Really Care About Us*...or my all time favorite( one of them at least) *I Wanna Rock With YOU*....REMEMBER THE LEGEND AND HIS LEGACY....NOT THE NEGATIVE!!!!!!!



Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Programs on the Laptop...oh wait My Trial is Over...What Are YOU Thinking For Real?????

So you start up your laptop, which you've only had for about a month, and you notice a box that pops up. Yep, its a program on your computer letting you know that your free trial is up and you know have to 39.95 for the program. Ok my problem with this: I just spent $700-$1300 on the laptop and now you are forcing me to spend another extra $75- $200, on something that should have been included with the system, like the picture above shows, Virus protection and Spyware. Yea thank you for being a rip off while the country is in a Recession.

And what the heck happened to having the generic games that you could play on your laptop or pc for free. I went to look for my games on laptop and got happy for a minute. I had like 30 games in the folder. Come to find out I got to play it one time before I found out that that was another scam for me to spend more money. I mean I would prefer having no games on my system versus 30 one time trials. That's pure crap. I want to know who in the heck came up with this idea. I mean really...but yea it's what ever.

Ultimately when you're trying to open programs on you computer, you feel like you are repeatedly seeing the above access denied sign for every program you try to open. So the next time you open a file on your computer and it proceeds to tell you that this a trial version, please join me in asking.....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL???

Monday, June 1, 2009

Man My CAR on Point....What Are YOU Thinking For Real????

That ish that I'm displaying above represents the stupidity of the youth of my generation. What on earth would possess you to put Louis Vutton, McDonald's, and Cool Whip (seriously though were you really that desperate to trick out your car to put cool whip on it...le sigh) we DEFINITELY got to do better. I just don't understand. I could see if we were getting paid to put this on our car, but no...we're doing this cause WE want to 'HOOK IT UP'.....yeaaaahhhh. *Side-Eyeing you REAL HARD* This has got to be one of the stupidest fads to every hit society. Then the cars that usually have this mess on there are barely able to run anyway so why pour all this money into to a car that might not start in a morning. Hmmm...that's real smart for you. Again *side-eye*. Then the McDonald's car has the nerve to have Ronald McDonald in the car with them, personally I don't think Ronald McDonald would be caught dead in some garbage like that. People really need to re-evaluate what they do in life because this ish right here just makes me shake my head every and I MEAN EVERY time I see them.

So does covering your car with the LV symbol signify an upgrade or are you just trying to make yourself fill good about you busted up vehicle,...I mean it's just a question here. I don't know why we can't be happy with what we have. I can understand a little paint job here, some tints here, and even some rims; but endorsing franchises on your car, yall know the deal already....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????????

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pregnant Women in the Club...What are YOU Thinking For Real????

This I just don't understand for the life of me. You CANNOT think that its ok for you to constantly inhale smoke, cigarette or weed at that, and be in an environment where you could possible harm yourself and your child. I like to club don't get me wrong, but um...whenever I do decide to have children...I will be sitting my happy ass down at home. It's one thing to be in club when your barely showing (that's still not acceptable), but to be in there when you look like you're ready to pop makes no damn sense. Then these usually are the same ones that are in the club smoking a cigarette. ARE YOU STUPID???? I mean really where is DHR when you need them, because I need for them to take your child as soon as you give birth. It makes no sense. I think this just goes into account for what kind of people are having children: SELFISH PEOPLE. I mean once you conceive a child, it is no longer about you; and women have to start living differently immediately because you are not only caring for yourself, but another life.

I just don't understand. Then what baffles me even more, is that you have men attempting to spit game at these women. What in the hell??? I mean it's clear that she has some baggage her and she doesn't have show good judgement or common sense. Le sigh. I just don't know to be truthful. Everytime I see a pregnant person in the club I just shake my head and say.....What are YOU Thinking For Real????

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drunk...excuse me...Wasted People...What are YOU Thinking For Real????

The picture above is a perfect example of why you shouldn't get wasted. On my WONDERFUL vacation in Las Vegas, I happened to witness the damaging effects of alcohol. Me and my friends were sitting out side of the club, which happened to be inside of the casino so we were sitting in the lounge, when this chick decides to pull down her pants piss on the floor. And we were in Ceasar's Palace where all the high end crap is. And her friend sat right there and let her do it. The kicker to this whole incident was that the bathroom was not even 50 feet away. How do you let your self get that drunk? Not only do you make a fool of yourself, but you're disgusting as well.

Now I do drink and I have been drunk before but just not wasted. Personally I don't like the throwing up feeling that you get after drinking WAAAAYYYYY too much. Plus I don't get the point of drinking until you freaking pass out. How do you get so drunk to where you don't know that someone is putting crap like tampons in you mouth. And I think that it's even worst when women get that kind of drunk. There are so many things that can happen to you and you won't even remember it. It's cool to drink, people just need to learn how to drink in moderation. People are crazy in this world seriously. I won't continue on this rant, just thought that I would share my feelings on being wasted.

So the next time you see yourself getting to point where you can't remember what the hell is going on because you're WASTED ask yourself....What Are YOU Thinking For Real???

Friday, May 8, 2009

Women's Attraction to the Dope Boy/Thug.....What are YOU Thinking For Real????

Now I know it may seem that I'm bashing the so-called 'dope boy', but I'm just trying to figure out what is so appealing about them. I kind of touched on women's attraction to them on the college thugs post, but I was questioning the males' interest in portraying the 'dope boy/thug'. I don't understand what the attraction to them is. I went through a stage when I was younger, and I mean teenage years, where I wanted me a 'bad boy', I didn't necessarily want a dope boy. Like really what is attractive about the picture above, true enough he may be a bad example but let's just go with the flow here lol.

Many times women complain about not being able to find a good man, but if this is what you are attracted to what do you expect. He's selling dope, running from the police, and he can't take you anywhere that may draw attention to him. What makes you think that this is functionally ok? You are destined for problems. Fantasia made a song about having a hood boy...I got one thing to say about that....YOU CAN HAVE IT. I ain't the one lol. I mean I have enough going on in my life to add on the unneccessary stress that the dope boy will bring. Now there is someone for everyone and I can hear people saying that I am stereotyping this type of guy, but then again it's the truth. If you are 'trapping', there isn't too much good that's going to come from it. Let's just be honest here.

Now to answer the question of what attracts women to them. Most 'dope boys' are seen to be somewhat protective of their women, and let's face it: women like to feel protected. But hell, you can get that same protection from a guy with a college degree. It's like dudes that run the streets get an extra boost of masculinity in some women's eyes. These same women feel that quite a few guys that are in college, are how do I put this: gay. Yea, pretty riduculous. I guess that feeds into the factor of the so-called 'college thugs'. The irony of it all is that these same guys that they give an extra boost of masculinity, usually get locked up and guess what...yep they're doing the do with Big Ben their cellmate. So to all the women that LOVE themselves the dope boy....What Are YOU Thinking For Real????

Just letting You Know...

I'm going to try and do two post a week, with the exception of next week. I'm going on VACATION YAY!!!!!!! But um yea lol, the semester is over so I will post about random things that just happen to be on my mind. If you have something that you want me to talk about feel free to let me know. I appreciate everyone's support and remember to ask yourself: What are YOU Thinking For Real???

Free Food....What are YOU Thinking For Real??

What is it with the free food thing? I mean really. The guy in the picture is at the establishment that is currently going through the wrath of giving out free food. Now don't get me wrong. I did print off some of the coupons, but I'm not about to curse people out over something that is FREE. I mean I'm not paying for it, so why should I get mad. Then we have the infamous lines that wrapped around blocks for Popeye's Chicken, and that wasn't even free. I just don't know some days. I mean you are actually letting the news capture you looking a COMPLETE FOOL. One lady screamed at the intercom, only to be screaming at no one and looking a complete fool.

People let's not get so excited about things when we hear the word free, or if it's damn near free. The real question that people should ask is where all of this chicken is coming from. I mean we're selling 8pcs for $4.99 at first. Then we're giving away 2pcs. Is there a surplus of chicken? If so, why won't it go on sale in the store. Or is this chicken that's about to expire and they just need to get rid of it and decided to make a quick buck? These are the real questions if you ask me. Not "why did they run out of chicken", or the statement "they knew about this two months ago they should've been prepared". I mean really. The next time you feel yourself getting mad over something FREE ask yourself this question: What are YOU Thinking For Real????

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thugs in School....What are YOU Thinking For Real????

Sesame Street is harder than 'Thugs in College'.My roommate kind of inspired this post. I almost forgot about it to be truthful and I don't know how. I don't understand how you can believe that you are a thug but yet you are sitting next to me in my 300 or 400 level english course. I don't understand what the appeal of being a thug is. I mean really. Most thugs end up in jail at some point in time during their life. They sell drugs. They are always worried about whether the police, excuse me 5-0 as they like to call it, are going to be this place or that place. You don't have time to go to class.

What is really the appeal about being a thug or let's go with another term 'DOPE BOY'? I mean why do you want someone that can't even take to certain places for fear of getting arrested. The sad thing about being a 'dope boy' is that they usual are pretty smart. For you to think of make $2000-3000 a week, and to keep up with who owes you, shows signs of businessmen, but in the wrong aspect. But then again, you really aren't smart enough to not blow your money on BS that calls attention to yourself. That kind of thing seems to be common sense, but I digress, I'm getting side-tracked from the topic at hand. My slight add kicking in lol.

Like I was saying, there's no way that you're thugging and you sitting next to me in my Business Statistics class getting 100s. That's just not logically. I mean really, let's think about it here. I'm a thug but I'ma fill out this Financial Aid form so I can make sure that I take this Organic Chemistry class, and I gotta make sure I get this book for class too. I mean really, stop trying to be something that you're not. Why can't we just strive to be an educated and enlightened generation? Why do we glorify things that should be looked down upon? No one should want to be a thug, I mean really. The general reasoning behind 'Dope Boys' And 'Thugs' doing what they do is because they don't have the opportunities that others have, or excuse they feel that they don't. They just made bad choices. So I say this to the so-called 'Thugs' and 'Dope Boys' in school....What are YOU Thinking For Real???

Friday, April 24, 2009

G's on TV.....What are YOU Thinking for Real???

The next thing that I feel like is absolutely ridiculous on T.V. is the apparent trend of making most black men look like some type of Thug on T.V. First of all, there are no thugs on t.v.. I really hate to burst anyone's bubble, but I mean let's be real. Besides the people that we see on First 48, there aren't any thugs on t.v.. MTV's invention of G's to Gents has to be one of the biggest jokes. I mean for all these people to be so-called thugs, why are they always crying and fighting over stupid stuff. I'm not saying that men can't cry, but I mean over dumb stuff. This past season's winner cried on like every show. What the crap? For one, why do you have to be a thug to even want to better yourself. That's bs to begin with, and on top of that we want to have crying thugs on T.V..

Than we have the infamous MTB4. I have never seen more people, forget excluding this to just men, I mean people in general cry about STUPID CRAP. I refuse to cry because we got into an argument and now we're not mad at each other anymore. And I ABSOLUTELY refuse to go out in the street and cry because two of my friends are fight. I mean when I saw Robert on T.V. walking down the street in New York, and BOOHOOING....WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING MAN???? I mean for real. I understand that this your life long dream but I'm not getting ready to cry because two people are fighting. If anything I'm going to try and continue to get my paper, that's t.v. for you though.

The one thing that we need to understand though as a society is that what we see on T.V. is no where near a real depiction of life. The sad part is that younger generations are looking to T.V. for role models and that's not good when t.v. continuously portrays the idea that black are thugs. Than the ones that don't act like thugs are portrayed as being maybe on the DL. We have got to do better. I know that I'm probably going to make a lot of people mad with this one, but you know what this my blog so who cares lol. Half of these rappers that are supposed thugs, really aren't. I mean you have people coming out and saying that people were Correction Officers, and all sorts of other crap. Since when is having a job, looked down on. That's the problem, we would rather put people that continuously hurt the community on a pedistel instead of positive figures. This is just one of many of my rants that I'm just going to end with this question...What are YOU Thinking For Real???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Are YOU Thinking For Real....Video Vixens or as I like to say

I really didn't want to address this until I got a little more publicity but you know what...this ish is getting out of hand. It seems like these so-called "Video Vixens", who are just glorified whores in my opinion, are coming out with books describing their sexual escapades with various artists in the industry.

My biggest hiccup with this is that many of the women claim that they are writing these so-called memoirs so that young women won't follow into the life that they are living. Usually when someone writes a book and its whole purpose is to deter people from getting into that lifestyle, you usually stop. I mean what's the purpose if you're still going to do it. I would prefer you to say that 'hey I'm broke and I figured that I would make a couple of dollars off of telling who I did and what I did.' Plus I think that this has got to be one of the most selfish things that they could do. At the end of the day they're not hurting the males, they're hurting themselves and the families involved.

Now some people say that they are using what they got to get what they want. I say to that.....those women are called prostitutes. Now if you don't mind being demeaned and never having anyone look at you for anything other than sex, then hey do what you do. But don't get upset when people address you the way that you should be addressed. The oh so famous scandalous female in the picture above takes the cake for me. You for one accuse someone of abusing you, but yet you find him responsible enough to drop your son off with. Then we get upset when someone calls you 'Supahead', but you happily wear a t-shirt with the word spread across your chest. And then you dedicate the book to your child. What kind of sick and twisted mess is that? Here's the thought...let me write a book on every one that I've slept with and let me dedicate the book to my that and anyone who writes this kind of crap I say.."What are YOU thinking FOR REAL?????

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure...MTB4 QUE....What are YOU thinking for real????

I got that picture from the IPS over at thafeedback. I know I know. This is pure foolishness at its best but I can't help it. Day26 actually had a pretty solid debut album and they have the potential to be a mainstay in the music industry. They just have to get away from this as Diddy would say "BITCHASSNESS". I mean really. What is it with people continuously messing up opportunities that people would die for?

This seems to be a pattern in fame based "reality" tv. People get the dream that they want and then they proceed to mess it up. Day26 only has one real problem: QUE. I mean I don't know if ol dude is on drugs or whether he just can't handle the pressure or what. He is literally spazzing out. At first there were complaints about not having any money to support his family. Um maybe its just me, but why would you quit your job in hopes of your son supporting you when he is part of a five member group. Clearly she didn't watch the behind the music on TLC or any of the artist that explained how the money works in the industry. I want to ask her WHAT the hell she is thinking for real, but I digress. But that doesn't excuse Que's antics by far. He acts like a little boy that just reached puberty and had his playstation taken away. I mean do we really have to act like this. Then we have Robert crying...I mean REALLY crying. We just can't seem to get it right on t.v.. If we're not fighting on t.v., we're acting really feminie. I just don't know anymore. But yet again, this makes GREAT t.v.. It's something to laugh at.

Anyways I'm anticipating the finale and I hope Diddy makes the right decision. Right now I just want to say QUE What are you thinking For Real????

Correction...MTV got me. I thought it was the finale lol...oh well. I'm glad QUE is in timeout LOL!!!

What In the HELL was BET thinking...

When they thought up College Hill. I mean really. As an African-American female college student, this crap is outrageous. Now don't get me wrong this is good entertainment wise, but let's not call this a reality show. Who do you know that can basically do nothing and still pass in college? And with the current season BET even has the nerve to have the cast members GPA on there, I guess as a reassurance that they aren't dummies....yea we see ya. Yet ol' girl got kicked out of the house within the first three days because someone told her to watch who she brings in their shower...REAL SMART.

That's my other issue with them. If I'm staying somewhere RENT FREE, there is no way that I'm going to mess that up. Yet another way to show that young black people do not know how to act.

My other issue with this is that I rarely see them do any type of work. I've experienced what doing no work gets you and believe me you when I say I wouldn't be in school anymore if I continued along those lines. There is so much that I can gripe about with the show but I will end it with this last gripe.

WHY MUST EVERYONE BE A HO? LOL...I mean really. Majority of the cast sleeps with each other or wants to sleep with the other person or has slept with everyone on campus. But you know BET looks for that. I actually thought about applying for the BET College Hill Interns and I was about to fill out the application until I saw this question: How Important is SEX in a relationship to you? Um excuse me...why do you need to know anything about MY SEX LIFE if I'm applying to an internship. On that note....BET What Are YOU Thinking For Real?????

Allow me to Introduce Myself....My Name is..

Katrina. Yep so I'm just trying this blogging thing out. I hope you all like it. I hope I like it lol. I'm a Senior in college right now. I won't tell you where lol. Journalism is my major and um yea. Enough about that. I know you're wondering what the heck this blog is about.

Well...I'm going to discuss my views on certain things that make me say WHAT ARE YOU THINKING...FOR REAL?? That will be the basis of my blog with an occasional input of my life. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy starting this up!!!!