Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buy Books for Class and Not Using Them....What Are You Thinking For Real?????

It's almost that time of year again....well actually for me the year never ends....but what ever. Its the time when parents jump for joy, grade school children groan, college freshman are excited, and college students like me are indifferent (because there is NO END until graduation). Anyways getting back to the subject, the beginning of a new semester=New Classes+New Teachers+New Books. Now all of these are pain in the asses, but one can be an avoided pain in the ass.

Now see she has the right idea. Get some paper, a pen, and have your phone nearby just in case you get bored. Too many times in my college career have I wasted money on a book, that wasn't cheap by the way, that I never used. Then most of them you can't sell back or it's highway robbery to sell back. Now I know that the professors usually have to pick a book, but can you do me a favor send me an email telling me we're not going to use the book. I mean I could've saved that $50-$200 that I spent on the book. Seriously, we're already spending thousands of dollars a semester, you can at least look out for us a little bit. You were there at one point....le sigh. Oh and let's not get the jack-a that wrote the book so they want to spend the full price brand new for the book and require remedial things that you could only do if you have the book, ex. label the diagram from the workbook. Then the assignment is actually worth like 10% of your grade. But do you have to read the book; NO...the jack-a's have powerpoints that teach you the lesson. Again thank you for letting me waste my money.

Then we have the infamous we don't know what to study so I guess I should try and read the entire book the night before like the girl above. Then comes test day and the entire test was from the lecture. AGAIN, can you let me know so I could save some money and its a recession too....shooo. I took a stand this summer semester and didn't buy one book...heck we weren't using them anyway. So the next time you buy a book and go the entire semester without cracking it open; on the comment section of your student evaluation write....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????