Monday, June 29, 2009

The Abomination that is the BET Awards...MJ Tribute....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL???????

So like I'm really not even going to dwell on how horribly put together the show was. I mean it really looked like they just eff the rehearsals lets just do the show. And how are these people entertainers, but yet they look like the person that's scared to get in the front of the class to present. Again we're not going to dwell on that because we all knew the show was going to be horrible, but we thought that there was inkling of hope because the "MJ Tribute" and I use the term "tribute" extremely loosely.

BET used the King of Pop's death as a shameless plug to get ratings.

I was having some issues with YouTube but now that that's over with...*sidenote if anyone would like to help me out with the formatting part of my blog it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED*.*Back to Scheduled Programming*As I was saying, We ALL know that Ciara can't sing, hell SHE knows that she can't sing. So why put on stage to SING a tribute to Michael and NOT Dance. I'm so confused right now. Examining the entire tribute there wasn't any dancing. HOW IN THE HELL are you going to do a tribute to a man that not only revolutionized singing but DANCING, and we don't have the dancer do a dance tribute. Oh but look who does do a dance tribute....

I like Jamie and all but What the Hell??? I mean HE DID WAY BETTER THAN ME LOL....but really, he's the only one to attempt a dance tribute to Michael Jackson. This is some pure BULL. Michael does NOT approve. They focused so much on trying to upstage the other networks by doing the tribute first that they compromised quality. It just goes to show why no one really has any respect for BET as a network. I mean how to you publicize that there is going to be major Tribute but you leave out a key factor of the man's career. Oh and let's talk about how tasteless we were at the end to post a picture of Janet and Michael on the screen behind her as you have her make a statement....

How tasteless was that...I digress. All I have say is when you publicize something and leave out a key factor ask yourself this question...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????