Friday, June 26, 2009


It truly saddens me today to write this post. The world has lost THE BEST ENTERTAINER to EVER grace this earth. I mean....and I believe that I can say this....but there is NO ONE that didn't love Michael at one point in their life. It all came as such a shock. I mean I never got the experience like my parents did to see him in concert but I mean those are truly memorable moments. Do you realize how many stars would NEVER have even existed if it weren't Michael Jackson...hell his own sister wouldn't be in the industry if it weren't for him?

I remember watching this concert on VH1 (I hope they play it again) and HBO. I mean I was amazed by looking at it on T.V.. He just was great. There's no other way to explain it. He was the ultimate entertainer. Who can you listen to now that you can listen with not only your mother and father but your grandparents too? I mean thats longevity.

The thing that ticks me off about this whole thing is that the media feels the need to remind us of all of the negative that MJ has been through. We know about the allegations, the suspected drug use, etc. seriously STOP. The man is dead and WHY WON'T JUST LET HIM BE GREAT?????? He was extremely talented and NOTHING can dispute that. Stop bashing someone who just lost their life. Not only was an extremely talented Artist, but he was also someone's Father, Brother, and Friend. So the next time you hear *I wanna Love You (PYT)....*All I wanna Say is that They Don't Really Care About Us*...or my all time favorite( one of them at least) *I Wanna Rock With YOU*....REMEMBER THE LEGEND AND HIS LEGACY....NOT THE NEGATIVE!!!!!!!