Monday, June 1, 2009

Man My CAR on Point....What Are YOU Thinking For Real????

That ish that I'm displaying above represents the stupidity of the youth of my generation. What on earth would possess you to put Louis Vutton, McDonald's, and Cool Whip (seriously though were you really that desperate to trick out your car to put cool whip on it...le sigh) we DEFINITELY got to do better. I just don't understand. I could see if we were getting paid to put this on our car, but no...we're doing this cause WE want to 'HOOK IT UP'.....yeaaaahhhh. *Side-Eyeing you REAL HARD* This has got to be one of the stupidest fads to every hit society. Then the cars that usually have this mess on there are barely able to run anyway so why pour all this money into to a car that might not start in a morning. Hmmm...that's real smart for you. Again *side-eye*. Then the McDonald's car has the nerve to have Ronald McDonald in the car with them, personally I don't think Ronald McDonald would be caught dead in some garbage like that. People really need to re-evaluate what they do in life because this ish right here just makes me shake my head every and I MEAN EVERY time I see them.

So does covering your car with the LV symbol signify an upgrade or are you just trying to make yourself fill good about you busted up vehicle,...I mean it's just a question here. I don't know why we can't be happy with what we have. I can understand a little paint job here, some tints here, and even some rims; but endorsing franchises on your car, yall know the deal already....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR REAL??????????