Friday, May 22, 2009

Drunk...excuse me...Wasted People...What are YOU Thinking For Real????

The picture above is a perfect example of why you shouldn't get wasted. On my WONDERFUL vacation in Las Vegas, I happened to witness the damaging effects of alcohol. Me and my friends were sitting out side of the club, which happened to be inside of the casino so we were sitting in the lounge, when this chick decides to pull down her pants piss on the floor. And we were in Ceasar's Palace where all the high end crap is. And her friend sat right there and let her do it. The kicker to this whole incident was that the bathroom was not even 50 feet away. How do you let your self get that drunk? Not only do you make a fool of yourself, but you're disgusting as well.

Now I do drink and I have been drunk before but just not wasted. Personally I don't like the throwing up feeling that you get after drinking WAAAAYYYYY too much. Plus I don't get the point of drinking until you freaking pass out. How do you get so drunk to where you don't know that someone is putting crap like tampons in you mouth. And I think that it's even worst when women get that kind of drunk. There are so many things that can happen to you and you won't even remember it. It's cool to drink, people just need to learn how to drink in moderation. People are crazy in this world seriously. I won't continue on this rant, just thought that I would share my feelings on being wasted.

So the next time you see yourself getting to point where you can't remember what the hell is going on because you're WASTED ask yourself....What Are YOU Thinking For Real???