Friday, May 8, 2009

Women's Attraction to the Dope Boy/Thug.....What are YOU Thinking For Real????

Now I know it may seem that I'm bashing the so-called 'dope boy', but I'm just trying to figure out what is so appealing about them. I kind of touched on women's attraction to them on the college thugs post, but I was questioning the males' interest in portraying the 'dope boy/thug'. I don't understand what the attraction to them is. I went through a stage when I was younger, and I mean teenage years, where I wanted me a 'bad boy', I didn't necessarily want a dope boy. Like really what is attractive about the picture above, true enough he may be a bad example but let's just go with the flow here lol.

Many times women complain about not being able to find a good man, but if this is what you are attracted to what do you expect. He's selling dope, running from the police, and he can't take you anywhere that may draw attention to him. What makes you think that this is functionally ok? You are destined for problems. Fantasia made a song about having a hood boy...I got one thing to say about that....YOU CAN HAVE IT. I ain't the one lol. I mean I have enough going on in my life to add on the unneccessary stress that the dope boy will bring. Now there is someone for everyone and I can hear people saying that I am stereotyping this type of guy, but then again it's the truth. If you are 'trapping', there isn't too much good that's going to come from it. Let's just be honest here.

Now to answer the question of what attracts women to them. Most 'dope boys' are seen to be somewhat protective of their women, and let's face it: women like to feel protected. But hell, you can get that same protection from a guy with a college degree. It's like dudes that run the streets get an extra boost of masculinity in some women's eyes. These same women feel that quite a few guys that are in college, are how do I put this: gay. Yea, pretty riduculous. I guess that feeds into the factor of the so-called 'college thugs'. The irony of it all is that these same guys that they give an extra boost of masculinity, usually get locked up and guess what...yep they're doing the do with Big Ben their cellmate. So to all the women that LOVE themselves the dope boy....What Are YOU Thinking For Real????