Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Food....What are YOU Thinking For Real??

What is it with the free food thing? I mean really. The guy in the picture is at the establishment that is currently going through the wrath of giving out free food. Now don't get me wrong. I did print off some of the coupons, but I'm not about to curse people out over something that is FREE. I mean I'm not paying for it, so why should I get mad. Then we have the infamous lines that wrapped around blocks for Popeye's Chicken, and that wasn't even free. I just don't know some days. I mean you are actually letting the news capture you looking a COMPLETE FOOL. One lady screamed at the intercom, only to be screaming at no one and looking a complete fool.

People let's not get so excited about things when we hear the word free, or if it's damn near free. The real question that people should ask is where all of this chicken is coming from. I mean we're selling 8pcs for $4.99 at first. Then we're giving away 2pcs. Is there a surplus of chicken? If so, why won't it go on sale in the store. Or is this chicken that's about to expire and they just need to get rid of it and decided to make a quick buck? These are the real questions if you ask me. Not "why did they run out of chicken", or the statement "they knew about this two months ago they should've been prepared". I mean really. The next time you feel yourself getting mad over something FREE ask yourself this question: What are YOU Thinking For Real????