Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pregnant Women in the Club...What are YOU Thinking For Real????

This I just don't understand for the life of me. You CANNOT think that its ok for you to constantly inhale smoke, cigarette or weed at that, and be in an environment where you could possible harm yourself and your child. I like to club don't get me wrong, but um...whenever I do decide to have children...I will be sitting my happy ass down at home. It's one thing to be in club when your barely showing (that's still not acceptable), but to be in there when you look like you're ready to pop makes no damn sense. Then these usually are the same ones that are in the club smoking a cigarette. ARE YOU STUPID???? I mean really where is DHR when you need them, because I need for them to take your child as soon as you give birth. It makes no sense. I think this just goes into account for what kind of people are having children: SELFISH PEOPLE. I mean once you conceive a child, it is no longer about you; and women have to start living differently immediately because you are not only caring for yourself, but another life.

I just don't understand. Then what baffles me even more, is that you have men attempting to spit game at these women. What in the hell??? I mean it's clear that she has some baggage her and she doesn't have show good judgement or common sense. Le sigh. I just don't know to be truthful. Everytime I see a pregnant person in the club I just shake my head and say.....What are YOU Thinking For Real????