Friday, April 24, 2009

G's on TV.....What are YOU Thinking for Real???

The next thing that I feel like is absolutely ridiculous on T.V. is the apparent trend of making most black men look like some type of Thug on T.V. First of all, there are no thugs on t.v.. I really hate to burst anyone's bubble, but I mean let's be real. Besides the people that we see on First 48, there aren't any thugs on t.v.. MTV's invention of G's to Gents has to be one of the biggest jokes. I mean for all these people to be so-called thugs, why are they always crying and fighting over stupid stuff. I'm not saying that men can't cry, but I mean over dumb stuff. This past season's winner cried on like every show. What the crap? For one, why do you have to be a thug to even want to better yourself. That's bs to begin with, and on top of that we want to have crying thugs on T.V..

Than we have the infamous MTB4. I have never seen more people, forget excluding this to just men, I mean people in general cry about STUPID CRAP. I refuse to cry because we got into an argument and now we're not mad at each other anymore. And I ABSOLUTELY refuse to go out in the street and cry because two of my friends are fight. I mean when I saw Robert on T.V. walking down the street in New York, and BOOHOOING....WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING MAN???? I mean for real. I understand that this your life long dream but I'm not getting ready to cry because two people are fighting. If anything I'm going to try and continue to get my paper, that's t.v. for you though.

The one thing that we need to understand though as a society is that what we see on T.V. is no where near a real depiction of life. The sad part is that younger generations are looking to T.V. for role models and that's not good when t.v. continuously portrays the idea that black are thugs. Than the ones that don't act like thugs are portrayed as being maybe on the DL. We have got to do better. I know that I'm probably going to make a lot of people mad with this one, but you know what this my blog so who cares lol. Half of these rappers that are supposed thugs, really aren't. I mean you have people coming out and saying that people were Correction Officers, and all sorts of other crap. Since when is having a job, looked down on. That's the problem, we would rather put people that continuously hurt the community on a pedistel instead of positive figures. This is just one of many of my rants that I'm just going to end with this question...What are YOU Thinking For Real???

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  1. preach my sister- rofl about the Robert comment i feel the same way bout EVERYTHING ure saying-u sure we aint twins?? blood sisters-somethin! Damn.