Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Are YOU Thinking For Real....Video Vixens or as I like to say

I really didn't want to address this until I got a little more publicity but you know what...this ish is getting out of hand. It seems like these so-called "Video Vixens", who are just glorified whores in my opinion, are coming out with books describing their sexual escapades with various artists in the industry.

My biggest hiccup with this is that many of the women claim that they are writing these so-called memoirs so that young women won't follow into the life that they are living. Usually when someone writes a book and its whole purpose is to deter people from getting into that lifestyle, you usually stop. I mean what's the purpose if you're still going to do it. I would prefer you to say that 'hey I'm broke and I figured that I would make a couple of dollars off of telling who I did and what I did.' Plus I think that this has got to be one of the most selfish things that they could do. At the end of the day they're not hurting the males, they're hurting themselves and the families involved.

Now some people say that they are using what they got to get what they want. I say to that.....those women are called prostitutes. Now if you don't mind being demeaned and never having anyone look at you for anything other than sex, then hey do what you do. But don't get upset when people address you the way that you should be addressed. The oh so famous scandalous female in the picture above takes the cake for me. You for one accuse someone of abusing you, but yet you find him responsible enough to drop your son off with. Then we get upset when someone calls you 'Supahead', but you happily wear a t-shirt with the word spread across your chest. And then you dedicate the book to your child. What kind of sick and twisted mess is that? Here's the thought...let me write a book on every one that I've slept with and let me dedicate the book to my that and anyone who writes this kind of crap I say.."What are YOU thinking FOR REAL?????


  1. You couldnt have hit that topic any better. You have GREAT POINTS!!! Two thumbs up for this.

  2. stop hating katrina sharee edmond III


  3. GIRL! HA! I've never read her books, but I heard they were entertaining. In any event, she OUGHT to be ashamed of herself...and she has messed up a couple of guys' lives...but moreso, she HAS hurt herself the MOST! And her poor, poor son! Depending on his age, he's probably getting the end of the day, she is inevitably destroying her relationship with her son...Bet she didn't think about that before dedicating a sex memoir to him...A MESS!

  4. Dis chick right here? Dig chick right here? Ho, whore, tramp, slut, trollop, harpy, skeezer, floozy, jezebel...I'm running out of words...trick, skank, hooker, prostitue...I wish I knew a stronger word for her. She's proud of being a mattress. That's insane. And then this chick had the nerve to try and write a sequel!!! I personally think half that nonsense is embelished and even if it isn't, I don't know what she's trying to prove with her books. All she's proven to me is that she can't close her legs.

    I was listening to Tom Joyner a while back and J. Anthony Brown called her Supahead on the radio. The chick had the nerve to get pissed and hung up. So he "murdered a hit" and wrote about her. It was HILARIOUS. If you ain't heard it, find it!

  5. LOL I haven't heard that one. Now I did hear the one with Jaime Foxx and her burned her up. I'm going to have to look that one up.