Thursday, April 9, 2009

What In the HELL was BET thinking...

When they thought up College Hill. I mean really. As an African-American female college student, this crap is outrageous. Now don't get me wrong this is good entertainment wise, but let's not call this a reality show. Who do you know that can basically do nothing and still pass in college? And with the current season BET even has the nerve to have the cast members GPA on there, I guess as a reassurance that they aren't dummies....yea we see ya. Yet ol' girl got kicked out of the house within the first three days because someone told her to watch who she brings in their shower...REAL SMART.

That's my other issue with them. If I'm staying somewhere RENT FREE, there is no way that I'm going to mess that up. Yet another way to show that young black people do not know how to act.

My other issue with this is that I rarely see them do any type of work. I've experienced what doing no work gets you and believe me you when I say I wouldn't be in school anymore if I continued along those lines. There is so much that I can gripe about with the show but I will end it with this last gripe.

WHY MUST EVERYONE BE A HO? LOL...I mean really. Majority of the cast sleeps with each other or wants to sleep with the other person or has slept with everyone on campus. But you know BET looks for that. I actually thought about applying for the BET College Hill Interns and I was about to fill out the application until I saw this question: How Important is SEX in a relationship to you? Um excuse me...why do you need to know anything about MY SEX LIFE if I'm applying to an internship. On that note....BET What Are YOU Thinking For Real?????


  1. and this, my friend is why I haven't watched College Hill since the Virgin Islands hit the nail on the head. Never have I seen SO many "college" students DO NOTHING, and make college look like a joke. Folks stay fighting, having sex, and partying...they could show these same folks working, studying, doing presentations in class, doing community service...the damn list goes on, but it sucks! BET ought to be ashamed...they stay perpertrating stereotypes :-(. Cooning-television at its best!!!

  2. KEPT IT TOO REAL. hahaha Trina thats why i love you! Glad you got a blog -I'ma be readin