Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure...MTB4 QUE....What are YOU thinking for real????

I got that picture from the IPS over at thafeedback. I know I know. This is pure foolishness at its best but I can't help it. Day26 actually had a pretty solid debut album and they have the potential to be a mainstay in the music industry. They just have to get away from this as Diddy would say "BITCHASSNESS". I mean really. What is it with people continuously messing up opportunities that people would die for?

This seems to be a pattern in fame based "reality" tv. People get the dream that they want and then they proceed to mess it up. Day26 only has one real problem: QUE. I mean I don't know if ol dude is on drugs or whether he just can't handle the pressure or what. He is literally spazzing out. At first there were complaints about not having any money to support his family. Um maybe its just me, but why would you quit your job in hopes of your son supporting you when he is part of a five member group. Clearly she didn't watch the behind the music on TLC or any of the artist that explained how the money works in the industry. I want to ask her WHAT the hell she is thinking for real, but I digress. But that doesn't excuse Que's antics by far. He acts like a little boy that just reached puberty and had his playstation taken away. I mean do we really have to act like this. Then we have Robert crying...I mean REALLY crying. We just can't seem to get it right on t.v.. If we're not fighting on t.v., we're acting really feminie. I just don't know anymore. But yet again, this makes GREAT t.v.. It's something to laugh at.

Anyways I'm anticipating the finale and I hope Diddy makes the right decision. Right now I just want to say QUE What are you thinking For Real????

Correction...MTV got me. I thought it was the finale lol...oh well. I'm glad QUE is in timeout LOL!!!


  1. LMAO! i love this blog already u are crackin me up!! what did i say? TOO REAL! Im a fan. ~Melinda

  2. You betta hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head...QUE is F'in crazy!! I think he's bipolar, but the jury is still out on that. ANd yeah, I hate when mom's of "celebrities" quit their day jobs in hopes that their child will financially support them for life. First of all, Day26 is just getting started...clearly she does NOT understand the industry! Someone should have sat down with the parents and explained some stuff to them, but I digress. LOL, great post!